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The SQ 796 and SQ 797 signed petitions were submitted to the 

Oklahoma Secretary of State on August 8, 2018 for counting. 


We turned in all the petitions on August 8, 2018 to the Oklahoma Secretary of State for the official count for both SQ 796 and SQ 797. The OK Secretary of State will count the signatures for SQ796 first then they will count SQ797. We tried to get them to count SQ797 first but they only count in order of petition number which means they count SQ796 first.  We will be there until the counting is completed. 

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Our Board Members

Isaac Caviness

Isaac has been the President of Green the Vote since 2015,when GTV ran our first petition for Medical Marijuana and industrial hemp. Dec 10th 2015 Isaac was honored with a human rights award from the Oklahoma Universal Human Rights Alliance for his dedication to legalizing cannabis to help give the citizens of Oklahoma an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Farshid Zandi

Dr. Zandi joined the GTV board in early 2016. Dr. Z understands how important cannabis will be in stopping the opioid epidemic here in Oklahoma. He also knows it could bring a lot of relief to his elderly patients who have limited options of medicines that actually help with their illnesses without causing even more severe side affects. 

Garry Bates

Garry Joined Green the Vote in 2015.

He owns a small business in Grove Oklahoma and spends countless hours educating the rural areas of NE Oklahoma about the benefits cannabis.